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Terrell Garnett

As a certified life coach, Terrell has transformed his coaching into a podcast that specializes in personal growth and prioritizing oneself above all else. His podcast has gained global attention and has been running successfully for three years. The focus of Terrell’s work as a keynote speaker, life coach, and podcast host is to encourage individuals to understand that they are on their own timelines. 

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Terrell Garnett authored the recently published workbook called "Create Your Own Story." Currently, he is actively working on producing the next two installments of this collection, which include the "Create Your Own Story" journal and physical book. 

During Terrell's time in retail, he realized that he needed a change in his life. He often talked about being prepared for positive changes and not just hoping they would occur. To achieve this, he enrolled in WCI's Certified Life Coach training program, which transformed his life. 

Terrell has earned a great deal of respect from everyone he interacts with. Many individuals state that the characteristic they admire most about him is his ability to treat everyone equally, regardless of their background or status. Additionally, Terrell's honesty is often cited as his strongest attribute. 

Terrell's speaking style is a blend of humor, motivation, and informative content. He is relatable and connects well with his audience through his speaking technique. He comes across as someone who is just like his listeners. 

Terrell claims that his most significant achievement is living life on his own terms, without comparing himself to others who have achieved great accomplishments at a younger age. He has had the privilege of featuring Grammy Award-winning artists on his podcast and has been featured on Fox and CBS News. Additionally, Terrell has modeled for several well-known brands such as Forever 21, JCPenny's, Adidas, and Pacsun. He was also a part of the 8th season of Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out, where he shared the stage with Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns and the multi-platinum artist Tyga. 

Terrell collaborates with individuals from diverse backgrounds. He serves a clientele that includes world-renowned Grammy and Stellar award-winning musicians. Additionally, he extends his exceptional services to the largest legal call center in the world. 

Terrell has been featured on two of the largest news stations in the world, Fox and CBS News. Additionally, he has been showcased in Los Angeles publications such as Shoutout LA and VoyageLA. Moreover, Terrell has a weekly newsletter called "Create Your Own Story" that concentrates on Time-based leadership. 

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