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The ultimate objective is to encourage both men and women to explore the world's beauty and strive towards becoming their best selves. This entails crafting your own unique narrative. The aspiration is to motivate others to comprehend that regardless of their past experiences and hardships, we share more similarities than differences. My podcast and hand-picked playlist are mediums through which I achieve this goal. They can be found below for your perusal.

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Create Your Own Story

With Terrell Garnett

A story is something every individual possesses, but oftentimes, others narrate it for us. My objective was to establish a platform that provides people with the opportunity to narrate their own stories.


As someone affiliated with the "Music Industry," I have developed connections with renowned artists, and I have come to realize that they are not always portrayed accurately or in a manner that suits their preferences. This platform allows their followers to gain an intimate insight into their lives while simultaneously promoting their music. Similar to a radio show, I feature the artist's songs or a "song of the week." What distinguishes this podcast from others is its ability to demonstrate that we are more than our abilities and talents; we are human, and by sharing our perspectives on life, we can assist others.


Vibe Sold Separate

The playlist features the latest R&B tracks from both established and emerging artists. It is refreshed every Friday. Click the image to be taken to the playlist.

Vibe Sold Separate Playlist Cover Terrell Garnett
P*ssy Hair Playlist Cover


P*ssy Hair

The playlist showcases the newest Soul Records, providing a laid-back atmosphere perfect for unwinding and vibing out. It is refreshed every Friday. Click the image to be taken to the playlist.


WAP (Worship & Praise)

This selection of Gospel Music is comprised of my current personal favorites. If you're ever feeling down, give this playlist a listen and it's bound to lift your spirits.

WAP Worship & Praise Artwork
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