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Having it all is just the beginning...

Sounds intriguing, but what does "having it all" really mean?

Here are some thoughts on the notion that having it 'all' is just the beginning of an amazing life:

1. Most people spend a lifetime trying to get at least some of it 'all'.

—physical possessions, success, money, love, family, a strong foundation, values, life goals, education, understanding, awareness...

Yes, “all” includes everything listed above.

There isn’t anything wrong with having it all. However, there could be a problem if you spend your entire lifetime attempting to get some of it or even all of it.

Many people set their goals based on getting as much as they can. They align their careers, emotional development, and life purpose around this quest. And they fail to recognize and acknowledge exactly where they are already successful. You can actually limit yourself when you only set goals around getting or having it all.

We shouldn’t stop setting goals, but there are other things to consider.

2. Once you have it all, you realize that it's not that much.

Have you ever had the experience of getting exactly what you wanted, and then wondering what all the fuss was?

You saved or worked hard to buy the shiny red car and, as much as you love driving it each day, you soon set your sights on yet another goal--a bigger house, a new kitchen, a bigger salary?

Ask yourself, “What if I did get everything I wanted and needed? Then, what would I do with my life?”

You would probably find yet another goal. Why set goals and focus merely on the outcome of having it all. While setting goals, why not also start enjoying and concentrating more fully on the journey of life itself?

3. Having nothing may be even more exciting than having it all.

Once you have a strong foundation, your personal and emotional needs are met and you have reserves of money, love, and time, you’re better off than most. This should be your number one priority.

At this point in one's personal development, I often make a suggestion to stop setting goals. Instead, let the planted seeds grow and blossom naturally.

A person at this stage is usually experiencing momentum anyway, has a community of love and support, and is not being driven by trying to prove themselves. They're just having a great time, responding to what comes up, going with the flow, not having things matter all that much.

Having it all is just the beginning because once you have it all, you realize that life truly begins.

- Terrell Garnett

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