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Imagine That

Friendship is like the family you choose.

This next year it is all about prioritizing myself. This past year I have really learned the meaning of a true friend and the meaning of an associate. I have learned to differentiate between the two. I also learned to accept losing some friends. Learning that the people that have been in my life new or old they are all meaningful. Even the ones left behind. There is a time in season for those that have helped or that I have helped. I believe they would say the same about the friendship they had with me.

The biggest lesson for me is that I had/have to be able to trust every "friend" that is around me. There has to be an intimacy and for there to be an intimacy to occur there has to be a sense of trust. I had and still have to remove myself away from people I call a friend that I don't even trust to know what I am going through.

I guess sometime towards the end of this year (2019), I started looking at myself in friendships. How can I be a better friend? Or Terrell you sometimes overextend yourself trying to be everywhere for everybody and now you're tired. Then also expectations of friends. "I've been this to this person and I wish they coulda, woulda, shoulda..." You can't do that it will ruin the friendship. You have to let people be who they are and on top of that, you have to accept who they show you.

I have been blessed to have friends that have built me space, a safe loving space where I can be myself, where I can speak freely when I am having tough moments.

This last year I realized I got so caught up in the "what if's" I got stuck with what now. I lost patience with friends and I had to find it somehow. I tried to take control of so many things. I cut people off and stopped communicating. I just took offense to too many things and jealousy became like my middle name. So I ask you now could you imagine what life could be if being honest was easy?

So for 2020, I plan on finally listening to all the signs that God has tried to show me. God, I get it. I will no longer miss out on my blessing due to my unwillingness to learn the lessons. I thank him for sending me people that show me what a true friend should be. I will take full responsibility but will no longer let people take advantage and use me.

Update: 2020 was my year. 2021 is going to be even better.

Here is a little poem about a friend.

"He was lost in the sauce, riding round like a ghost.

He abandoned what he knows and what he loved.

He got so low he couldn't stay up.

He lost his friend on the way up.

He put on his finest shoes.

Just to run out with the truth.

He had problems but never any solutions.

He saw conflict where there's proof

He had everything to lose.

But he didn't know how to makeup.

On his last trip, he didn't wake up.

So I ask again could you imagine what life could be if being honest was easy?

If he could see what I see then maybe he would believe."

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