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Below you will find two free quizzes that will help you with your overall life.


More often than not, on our list of goals for the year, we don’t always choose the goals that would make the biggest difference to the quality of their lives.

We tend to choose the wrong goals—the goals we think we should have instead of the ones that we need or want.


For example, you might think your life would be perfect if you had a great career, but the place to concentrate on might very well be your energy and vitality.

It isn’t always obvious, so this quiz is designed to help you discover where to focus on getting on the right path in life.

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The easiest way to raise your emotional IQ instantly is to identify your personal and emotional needs by taking the free Emotional Value Quiz. You’ll automatically receive a free emailed report of your top four needs. 

We all have needs, and those who appear as if they don’t have simply done a better job of getting them fulfilled.

Knowing exactly what your needs are is the first step in fulfilling your needs—after all, if you don’t know what your needs are, it is pretty difficult to satisfy them. Raise your emotional intelligence instantly with this powerful quiz! 

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